In addition to the project and team and our research collaborators, we would like to thank the many interdisciplinary student collaborators who have brought their thinking and creativity to the early stages of the research in courses, consortiums, workshops, and short-term assistantships. They include: Ohio State students Matthew Bain (Design/School of Music), Francie Buschur (Design), JulieAnna Facelli (Dance), Steven Gutierrez (Department of Art), Iuri Lioi (Design), Tim Jacoby (Design), Fran Kalal (Design), Neelima Karanam (Computer Science), Scott Kittle (Architecture), Bernice Lee (Dance), Sara Mitchell (Dance), Noelle Stiles (Dance), Cheng Zhang (Computer Science); Tanzplan Deutschland students in attendance at the Tanzplan Biennale 2007; and Rotterdamse Dansacademie students 2007–08.

Thanks also to faculty and staff from The Ohio State University for early prototype feedback and other support including Marc Ainger (Music), Melanie Bales (Dance), Marie Cieri (Geography), James Davis (College of Engineering), Candace Feck (Dance), Susan Hadley (Dance), David Huron (Music), Richard Jagacinski (Department of Psychology), Brian Rotman (Department of Comparative Studies), Brian Stone (Design), James Todd (Psychology), and Valerie Williams (Dance); to Jason Housh of Marketing Communications; to ACCAD faculty and staff David Bertram, Alan Price, Elaine Smith, and Brian Windsor; to Scott Marsh (Dance) for his early backing of the project; to University Communications and College of the Arts Communications: Eva Dujardin Dale, Victoria Ellwood, and Pat Riechel; and to Ann Bremner and Ryan Shafer for patient and skillful editing.

Thanks are due to Dorsey Bushnell, Dr. Vera Battis-Reese, Mechthild Ruehl, Julian Gabriel Richter and the entire Forsythe Company staff for their support; to Rebecca Groves for her collaboration and early inspiration; to Prue Lang and Amy Raymond for their vision and feedback; and to the following Forsythe Company dancers for contributing their oral histories of One Flat Thing, reproduced: Yoko Ando, Cyril Baldy, Francesca Caroti, Dana Caspersen, Amancio Gonzalez, Thierry Guiderdoni, Marthe Krummenacher, Prue Lang, Ioannis Mantafounis, Fabrice Mazliah, Roberta Mosca, George Reischl, Jone San Martin, Ander Zabala.

Special thanks to the Chair of Ohio State’s Department of Dance, Susan Petry; Ohio State Associate Vice President, The Arts Initiative, Karen A. Bell; and to The Ohio State University President, Dr. E. Gordon Gee.