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Synchronous Objects Updates and Presentations

We are hard at work during the month of July refining the site and making some small additions. In the coming weeks look for some upgrades on the popular Counterpoint Tool and in our full score interface called The Dance. Also look for more ways to interact with and share content. And do let us know if you’re finding oddities or bugs.

We’ve also been sharing the project a lot at interesting venues and will continue to do so this summer including:

Spring Dance 2009, Utrecht, The Netherlands “Inside Movement Knowledge”
Sadler’s Wells, London, UK “Focus on Forsythe”
PACT Zollverein, Essen, Germany “Exploration 09″
Society for Animation Studies Conference, Atlanta, USA “The Persistence of Animation”
SIGGRAPH 2009, New Orleans, USA “Information Aesthetics Showcase”

and more…

We’re also happy to be featured on one of our favorite sites,



Using and Sharing Sync/o

After being in Europe for a week and sharing the project at Spring Dance and in the Sadler’s Wells “Focus on Forsythe” festival of events, our interest in sustained dialog about the project continues. What happens after the initial introduction? Which objects draw different people in which ways? We hear often from choreographers that the counterpoint tool captures their interest. It was great to hear in london from people in the audience who already knew the project, like professor Sarah Rubidge who shared her interest in the generative drawing tool (one of our favorites). It was also nice to share the video abstraction tool with a young dance / tech presenter from Norway who wanted to explore patterns in her own work. We’d love to know more. Be in touch here on the (blog) or on twitter, we tweet collectively as and I tweet as nzshaw.